Tonight as I stepped out amongst the desert flowers on an evening walk, I really took the time to see how beautiful the world is.

I thought about what makes me passionate about life.

My desires…

…my one burning desire…

Tonight I appreciated the splendor of lush cactus blossoms, glistening white flower tufts contrasting against deep, dark clouds, pristine hairs comprising the young jackrabbit’s coat.

How utterly, breathtakingly beautiful life is!

Astonished I look up to see the shimmering end of the rainbow in the dry, southern California skies. I appreciated beauty so I can only seeing more beauty.

I need no further explanation of how a random rainbow appeared tonight.


I guess I’ve always been a pretty powerful Law of Attraction applicant and didn’t know it…

…anyway I have always known this greater thing was coming…

… I’ve always been looking for something…

…well it’s here and I’m ready!

Let’s just focus on the future so we can tell a different story as Abraham says you must do to change your life.

What story are you deliberately unfolding for your life?

“I’m a self-made financially free millionaire running my businesses from the principals of the Robert Kiyosaki, Michael Gerber and Timothy Ferriss before I’m thirty so I will enjoy life thoroughly with my family and good friends” is the story I’m unfolding.

I’m going for my dream.

What if you never achieve the dream your most passionate about?


Can we take the advice of these self-development “gurus” and really dream big? Can we do it? Could we actually reach our dream?


Kevin T. reminds us, “Determine exactly what you want and develop a burning desire to have it,” is the key to success Napoleon Hill revealed from his work with Carnegie! Wait, don’t the Law of Attraction authorities have a background in “Think and Grow Rich?”

It’s the Law of Attraction, huh?

I’ve always identified exactly what I wanted, never focused on how it would get there, believe and expected it to come and I’ve always gotten it. And I couldn’t explain how I always got whatever the big stuff was, the important stuff.

I was using the Law of Attraction, huh?




I’ve only ever had three main goals for my life and now realize the Law of Attraction at work aligning me with my burning desire.


The goals are:

1. Start first business before twenty (founded Reptacular at 19, check!)

2. Have kids before I’m twenty-five (adopted mine at twenty-four, check!)

3. Be a financially free million before I’m thirty…


Achieving goal number three is the final step.

At fifteen I had been shown there’s different way than trading your time for dollars and you can claim financial freedom which ignited a burning desire in me…

…to live life passionately with abundance of time and resources….!

That’s my burning desire!

Just thinking about it quickens my heartbeat…

… I can get there


I sit writing this in the crisp night air while listening to the steady chirp of the retiring songbirds…

… I am genuinely happier and happier every day for the first time in my life.


My financial freedom journey is just one part of the path to living life abundantly passionate – my burning desire. The financial aspect has absolutely nothing to do with my dream, just a fantastic byproduct!


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