Accepted into Rich Dad Coaching

Sometime mid-October I saw an ad on FaceBook for Rich Dad coaching.  I immediately thought that would be a great investment to ensure my success with all these seminars I’m going to. I called, was pre-interviewed and they asked me to fill out a questionnaire. The next day the interviewer called for the official interview and recommended I join the “Choose To Be Rich” coaching program. It was a hefty investment – $4000. I didn’t feel intimidated by the cost though. Just “OK, I am making this commitment.” When the interviewer told me I was accepted into the coaching program I felt more proud than I did when I got accepted to college!! When I hung up the phone, the tears started and I literally cried for joy knowing I am going to make it! I will change my and my children’s future and I will be financially free and get out of the rat race!

They let me know that I was going to be receiving a welcome package in the mail. I was surprised and thrilled when I opened it to find my own CashFlow 101 board game. Yeah!

The first coaching call was 11/4 – the day after I wrapped up my first Rich Dad Education seminar – 3 day real estate. Perfect!


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