Blogging is the future?

It get it!! I really really get it!!

Blogging accidently or maybe on purpose became popular. You find information you need on Google by typing in keywords. The results Google gives you have sites that include those keywords, but the sites with the most traffic also are deemed “better” so they show up higher. Well there’s also an age component. The newest (and now most “shared”) info really gets weighted the most as the “best” content and shows up higher in the search engines.

So now you have to adapt your website with a blogs so your content is always updating, pushing your search engine ranking. It ties into one of my favorite books Who Moved My Cheese?. The fresher your website, the more popular it is. You cannot just build a static website anyone and expect results from keywords.

What really nailed this concept? Google ANYTHING that you’re currently interested in – sports, celebrities, world events… Any articles I found that weren’t from Wikipedia are all written on blogs! All the newspapers, TV stations, etc – all you’re reading is on a blog! And I noticed some results include the “how long ago published” noted on the main Google page. What did I go for? I chose the 4 hour ago article over the 2 day ago article first. Hmm.

The world is everchanging – keep up or go home!

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