Committing to Change

Getting back into the zone still takes adjusting. Don’t stop a habit! Lol! It’s very easy to slip back into old ways. But I am honoring commitments to myself. Way harder than I thought, but proud to do so.

Exercise: 2 mile walk/run/jog at Hansen Dam Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at 8am. Then do planks, air squats and wall push-ups. I think it’s the air squats done correctly that killed me.

Diet: On track but dang I’ve been so hungry but not a big appetite. That’s why my energy has been so bleh. I just can’t mentally get over my bleh feeling

Kids: I’ve been really wanting to have some quality time with my son. The perfect opportunity presented itself and we had a great mother/son chat.

New Businesses: Really tired of no real action. But I’m not quite tired enough.

Personal Development: I’ve just been connecting to myself since Basic and can’t seem to stop. Oh, don’t I always dive in deep. I really need to switch my burning desire to building a business and not self discovery!

Rich Dad: Ah…the August 31st Hall of Fame entry deadline is almost here. I’m okay that I really don’t like doing real estate investing. I want to own commercial real estate but no interest in doing the transaction. It really sucks that I can’t get inducted for business. I am entering that idea for the contest. 🙂

Financial Freedom: The hardest thing to admit to myself is that I don’t know how to handle money like the rich do. Poor – got that management done! Handling money like middle class – living that now! But … I don’t know how to handle money like a rich person.

Identifying and admitting you have a problem is the first step to solving a problem. Now I need to discover resources to solve it. Ta da! 🙂 I don’t want to get big money yet because I’m not prepared to handle it! That’s a big fear my subconscious has that has been a major block for me. Now that I know what the fear is, I can handle the fear (in this case not handling larger amounts of money as the rich do) and move past it. Yeah!


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