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Today was mostly frustrating! Everything I started turned out to be really complicated and I didn’t get to finish anything for the most part!

Yesterday I enjoyed going to Gil’s weekly CashFlow 101 game night. I met some great people and always enjoy playing the game! If you haven’t played the game, go to RichDad.com and play the online game or check out Meetup.com to find a CashFlow club in your area.

gil cashflow club







Today is very frustrating! At least my day started out with a great webinar from Gil. They did a great segment on rent credit when you’re doing a lease option. And I’m starting TWO virtual markets now! Yeah!

I was very excited to start doing seller calls for one of my new markets. I got through about 5 calls but the CRM system kept kicking me out so I was unable to work. Ugh!

So then I decided to work on landing pages to promote my blog. I downloaded Vick’s Easy Landing Page Pro. Well for some reason it couldn’t connect with my BlueHost account so I was on the phone for about 30 minutes with BlueHost. Finally it worked! Yeah! Next I went through those training videos in ELPP. Part of it has you start a new campaign in GetResponse so all that took awhile. Finally it was all setup and I went back to finalize my new landing page. On the last (of 8) steps I clicked Save and kept getting an error message so it didn’t work. AHHH!!! Now I have an email out to tech support at ELPP.

Now I gotta go get the kiddos from school so I don’t get back to work until later tonight.



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