Day One

I am so happy to experience the world!! The warmth of the sunrise fills me and I stand eyes closed encompassed in its light.

This is how I will start my day! Feeling absolutely happy, I started to run up the hill. Faster and faster as a faint smile breaks into a whole body grin. I am HAPPY! As a pass by a neighbor who’s outside at this early hour, I wave excitedly as I shout “good morning!” I greet all the neighbors this way and run with excitement and joy! Coming down the hill I release all inhibitions and raise my hands as far above my head as I can. I am ALIVE!!!

Thank you to everyone reading this. You are all wonderful and special. I can say I now truly love people. I am connected to this amazing world again and I am eager to embrace all life has to offer. I can hardly wait to savor every day and connect!!


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