Do you desire success strongly enough to obtain it? How do you become successful?

 “You will be successful at anything you set your mind to once you need it instead of want it.”- Lauren Cheney

Wants vs. Needs

There are needs and there are wants. Every creature has needs that are non-negotiable. Food, water, shelter, air…that’s all we really need to stay alive. Most creatures will fight hard for what they need. But if your needs are met just enough to stay alive and none of your wants are ever fulfilled, do you feel like you are really living? Our wants are just a desire for something and those desires will vary. Our wants can change as quickly as picking an ice cream flavor or can remain deeply rooted in your soul forever searching for fulfillment. Becoming successful is typically a want. Most people want to be successful because they want more money or they want expensive stuff or they want to feel proud of a job title. But the degree or desire to which someone wants success will be the indicator of if they will actually achieve it. If we don’t need something to survive then there’s not as strong of an internal motivator as say running out of food. So many people stay in their comfort zone wanting to become successful but lacking a strong enough desire to make it happen.

A dog wants treats, bones, walks…but dogs don’t incessantly remind you of their wants. Some dogs might whine when you or they go near something they want. But usually the dog is content with what they are doing and is not thinking about what they might want. But a cat? When a cat really wants something they follow you around constantly! A cat will even wake you up if they want something (how dare my cat walks on my head at 3am to alert me of his want for tuna! Ugh!!). Cats don’t need a trigger or reminder to know what they want. They know exactly what they want, when they want it and then they go make it happen! And best yet a cat will usually have you follow them to exactly what it is they want so you can make it happen for them. My cats might not be successful at getting their wants met every time (you wake me up at 3am, Cat, you’re getting locked out!) but that doesn’t phase them or stop them from pursuing their next want. Thank goodness cats don’t play fetch or they would never leave you alone! So be a cat, not a dog! Be a cat so you find your internal motivation and won’t take no for an answer. That way when you have a desire you won’t give up until you get what you want! Keep what you desire in the front of your mind at all times. Be specific about what it is you want and then go after it. Once you know what it is you want, then now is the time to desire it badly enough make it happen!

Travis Howard, my Rich Dad Education instructor, shared a fantastic motivational clip on our last day. Wow, it really got to me! I did my research and found the whole series from the same man, Eric Thomas. These are the best motivational videos I’ve ever found!

Please comment below of other powerful videos you know or if you liked this post. Thanks!


Part 1 – How Bad Do You Want It [Success]?

**Most important video!** What comes next after you find within yourself you need success as badly as you want to breathe?

Full speech from the videos

A slightly different version of the first video



 “You will be successful at anything you set your mind to once you need it instead of want it.”- Lauren Cheney





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