Phase 1 – Introduction

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Financial Freedom Course

Phase 1 – Ren Introduction


I’m so happy you’re watching this video and giving me the opportunity share my purpose with you which is:

To teach people how to build businesses that last, create abundant financial freedom, time freedom and peace of mind and doing good in our world for generations.

What does this mean for you? My vision is I am going to teach you how to build your autopilot online business that creates multiple passive income streams. On your journey you’ll master tools to help you define your dreams and reach them! Your reward for financial freedom is the Peace of Mind you’ll experience from living a life of total liberty.

Financial Freedom is the gift of owning your time. The power comes from your choices of how you spend it.

Meet Lauren

My Vision

My Purpose

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My Financial Freedom Journey

My childhood was happy. My parents are teachers so I did well in school and I loved spending time outside with animals.  Since I loved animals I was always advised to be a vet or zookeeper, however I faint around needles and I hate picking up poop. A career as a dolphin or bird trainer could be a possibility though I always dreamed of a millionaire lifestyle and didn’t see earning that kind of salary at SeaWorld. At 15 my world shifted when I attended a Jim Rohn personal growth seminar and then I read Rich Dad Poor Dad. My desire for financial freedom was sparked and I learned a key to having financial freedom is to have your own business.

I followed the “traditional route” and after a few weeks in college I realized I wanted at least a 4-year head start in the business world rather than spend my time in class or at a job like my peers. I moved to Los Angeles and I co-founded my first company at age 20 where I hired students and grads to work for me performing events. At first, it was really difficult being the boss especially to people older than me. Talk about a hands-on Business Management 101 Class!

Through Reptacular Animals I lived my dreams! I had seen this vision since childhood of owning every kind of pet imaginable and here I was living it and it allowed me to attend celebrity parties and be on movie sets, eat the yummiest food for free around Los Angeles, drive brand new cars, live on a ranch and had my own horse. I loved it! I also discovered how much I treasured the self-employed freedom that comes from not having a boss, even when you’re working in your business.

Yet I still needed to work in my business for things to run smoothly. At my weekly CashFlow game I practiced how to get out of the rat race, yet I was still in it in real life. Working almost 24/7 was fine however, once I became a mom my desire grew to regain my time rather than remain in a self-employed rat race. I felt I had reached the glass ceiling so I created financial freedom for the first time by selling my company after 6 years.

I followed my heart moving to Hawaii sight unseen with the burning desire just to be happy – and it worked! I discovered how much I love hiking, traveling and connecting with nature and people. I committed so much to personal growth. This part of my financial freedom journey includes epic adventures traveling around the US!

Within 4 months I started another online business and a year later outsourced 95% of my workload and I had created another passive income stream! I have created multiple businesses and everything is online. I started my Financial Freedom Journey blog in 2014 to document my journey and share with others. Next for me was to fulfill my purpose by sharing my process with people in this Financial Freedom Course!

My Transformation

Whether you think you can or
think you can’t – you’re right! – Henry Ford

Here I was “doing” lots of right things and “having” many results I wanted yet I still didn’t have the overall “happiness” feeling of financial freedom I was seeking. Why? My self belief was still stuck in the past. There are 8 core limiting beliefs and your negative self talk stems from one of them (more on this in the “Mind” section). In spite of the positive evidence around me,  my self talk was still negative with thoughts around:

  • I am not enough: “I can’t do it, I am bad with money, I just can’t get it together, I am not good enough…”
  • I am undeserving: “It won’t work for me, It’s too good for me, I can’t have that…”
  • I don’t belong: “I can’t have a great relationship, no one likes me, people won’t accept my ideas…”

First I had to get distance from thoughts because I am not reaching financial freedom with that mindset! I practiced exercises to become more aware of my thoughts. By becoming conscious of negative thoughts I could direct my thought patterns towards more positive ones.  With practice, I’ve reinforced the positive side of those self-limiting beliefs:

  • I am enough
  • I am worthy
  • I am connected

Every time I switch my self talk from negative to positive everything transforms. Suddenly the happiness feeling is there and I am filled with confidence and know the next steps to take.I am passionate about taking an idea and creating a business around it. My brain loves to think like that!

I’ve transformed many self-limiting beliefs on my financial freedom journey. Getting my negative self talk out of my way excellerates the results I want. In the upcoming “Mind Module” I am really excited to teach you more about core beliefs and share the exercises I use.

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