Genie, you’re free! RIP Robin Williams

The untimely death of Robin Williams today is on my mind.

My daughter was trying to understand why someone so famous and loved would be sad enough to kill himself. That lead to a good discussion about how you are in control of your feelings. You decide how you feel – that cannot be dictated by anyone else or anything you have. You have to make the choice to be happy!

How many people decide to feel good? And feel good and happy every day? Not many. I cannot even say I do it everyday.

I dealt with depression as a teenager. My battle with depression manifested in my life as eating disorders, cutting, and a multitude of other self destructive behaviors. It finally ended when I stopped focusing on what I didn’t like in my life and how awful I felt. I had something else commanding my attention.

The light that broke through my darkness at fifteen? Financial freedom. Yes, honestly!!

I discovered there was a different way to do things and I could achieve wealth and freedom! A spark ignited and I had a burning desire of what
I had to accomplish in my life and my reason for living. And here I am today!

I’m so grateful I found my spark that vanquished the hopeless depression that had been present in my life for many years. I sincerely hope that everyone finds their spark and works to continually feel better!


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