Getting Ready to Get Ready?

After hearing that statement “Getting Ready to Get Ready?
I came to two [hard] “ah ha”‘s about myself:

1.  Getting ready keeps me from my goals. Too much planning is one way I’m operating from my head instead of my heart (where I am consciously striving to operate from). Too much time and energy is spent going through my discovery process (operating from my head). I am actually in avoidance because I’m unwilling to surrender how the intention may manifest. This hinders the goals I intended to reach.

2. Am I really ready for what I’ve asked for? When am experiencing this intention? Before this “ah ha” I kept recalling the past which meant I wasn’t really ready for a new story. So my experience stayed the same yet limiting beliefs were formed because of my past story.  I am ready to choose to live my new story now!


I clearly remember when I first heard that statement
because since those big “ah ha” moments my experience
has transformed rapidly!



On January 31, 2015 I will get to see if I achieved the four biggest SMART goals of my life!


I’ve set intentions however not using SMART goals.


I am surrendering to how the goals will be met.


And it terrifies me!




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