Our coaching session on Monday was all about giving back. And they talked about the importance of giving back now and now waiting until you are rich.

Give and ye shall receive. OMG, wait is that a bible quote? Ack!! Oh no!!!!! Lol.

Anyway my coach emphasized giving without the expectation of receiving. That’s a hard one for me right now when I don’t have much to give. Yes, I admit I usually run the scenario quickly in my mind to see what a postive outcome could be.

Tonight I felt inspired and decided to give a little to one of the causes people post of FaceBook. There was “nothing” in it for me and – wow – my first truly selfless thing I did without anyone asking me and expecting nothing in return. OK, maybe not exactly selfless. Why? It’s just my first truly giving action under new pretense of “give to give and it will come back in bounds.” 🙂 That’s my benefit. Karma! I get this “internal joy” thing. I feel happy to did something completely out of the ordinary.

So on my blog I want to share the knowledge I’m getting. I’m sharing a piece of me to reveal enlightenment to others. Robert Kiyosaki’s philosophy emphasizes the importance of sharing with others. They’re telling me that by doing that will set me on the path to financial freedom. I don’t get it fully but ok. I will have faith. Honestly Robert saying it’s importance is not even the reason I’m doing it.  I genuinely want to share my journey to help other people get confidence to begin their own journey.

I also realized that jealousy is just the fear that you will never have it yourself! When I had that mini epiphany I feel like it’s set me free of any jealous feelings I’ve had or might arise. What a happy feeling!!

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