Great coaching session

Tonight in coaching we discussed an overview of the asset classes (real estate, business and stocks).

I’ve realized I’m passionate about businesses, but it is the hardest one since it puts so many different systems together. We discussed Rich Dad’s B-I Triangle. And to really make sure your mission is about customers and really shines through in every aspect of the business.

We also talked a bit about network marketing. Very interesting since I’m learning about BIM and Empower Network. People make it sound so bad and shady, but (rich) business owners [surprisingly] love it.  And Europe, too! This makes me feel more confident about getting involved with network marketing.

“Inspect what you expect”

“Be skeptical but not a negative skeptic”

My coach recommended:

  • ABCs of Writing Winning Business Plans
  • John Maxwell – 21 tips
  • And that a Wiki site is a great way to do operational manuel

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