How I Created Free Rent + $313 extra in February 

I am so excited to share my latest win! I’m working towards my goal of being a financially free millionaire by my 30th birthday. That means I will exceed $83,333 in passive income by August 14, 2017. I am so excited about the person I’m becoming on my financial freedom journey to reach that goal.

I’ve learned a lot about myself in the past 2 years. It started with a mentor instructing me to watch Bob Proctor’s “You Were Born Rich” video series. Bob Proctor is a “master thinker” and teaches you how to use your mind to create the results you want in your life. I watched the 12 hour video series that was filmed back in the 80’s, before I was even born! Looking back I realize that was the start of me truly becoming happy and living the life of my dreams. 

I created all vision I wanted for my life back in high school after attending a Jim Rohn seminar. I have been drawing my amazing dream house and had 4 goals. 

1. First business by 20

2. Kids by 25

3. Financially free millionaire by 30

4. Fully retired by 40

I reached the first two goals exactly on target. I love my kids and being an entrepreneur. I felt my life was ahead of the curve and exactly where I wanted it to be. My first company did children’s entertainment with live animals such as petting zoos, reptile shows and bird shows. I loved combining my passions of kids and animals in that business, owning all the pets I had always desired! After 6 successful years, I sold that company and chose to move to Hawaii. Why?

I reached my goals and had what I said I wanted, but I didn’t feel happy. What was happiness to me? When was I truly happy? Why did I still feel like there was something was missing? I had no idea why the feeling, my beingness, wasn’t happy. Why work hard on my next goals of becoming a millionaire if I wasn’t going to truly enjoy it?! So I set the intention of BEING happy which lead me to drop everything and move to Hawaii. 

Last year, 2015, was a huge shift. I went from being a full time mom of 3 and a self-employeed workaholic to experiencing the 4 hour work week lifestyle while living in Hawaii and traveling. I learned more about myself this year and found the feeling I was looking for – I love ME! The more discovered and developed a relationship with myself, the happier I became. I starting trusting myself to make decisions based on how I felt and be people focused, rather than relying on my reasoning and be money focused.

The challenge was and remains getting my head to let my heart take over. My heart found its bliss sleeping in my little tent for 7 weeks on the beaches of Kauai. I had tons of business ideas however no motivation to build them. I had just done that for 6 years and it didn’t grant me the financial freedom I was seeking. How can I keep my newfound happiness and become a financially free millionaire? One of my favorite books Rich Dad Poor Dad shares, “The richest people build networks, everyone else just looks for a job.” 

Networks, huh? People skills had always been a difficult subject for me. “Lauren always has a hard time making friends” and “Lauren is sensitive and doesn’t get along well with others” were self-beliefs reinforced by evidence since childhood. They had also showed up in my previous company by me not relating well to my employees, having a reputation for being cold and being a reclusive, workaholic. The more I worked on myself through personal development, the faster I started to see new, different results in my life. A huge “ah ha” moment for me resulted after a weekend in the PSI Basic seminar and realized “I like people!” This was such a surprising self-discovery and has completely shifted my paradigm. In the year and a half since that discovery, my life is dramatically different and very social. 

Being people focused and building relationships has been instrumental in developing the next phase of my life and exactly how I created my latest business, being a room rental manager for homeowners. This whole business started just having a conversation. Now I’ve been managing 7 rooms on Honolulu remotely for almost a year. This has been a true win/win to be able to work from anywhere, including the beaches of Kauai. 

I set the intention of moving to Kauai by the end of 2015. I manifested the perfect place and moved in exactly on target. Bringing my happy beingness to my new situation, I shared with my landlord how I manage the listings in Honolulu. The next day he asked if I could do the same with his place while he traveled – of course, I’d love to! I seized this opportunity and ran with it. 

In one month I grossed $1757 on that room! I happily paid the owner and shared a % of the profits with him. And I generated enough so I paid myself for the work I did and made a good profit. I created free rent and have an extra $313.50!! Woo hoo! All that from building relationships and developing a solid belief in awesome self. 


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