How to Attract Great Job Applicants

Tips to Attract Great Job Applicants

Attracting the Right Candidates Takes Work

Regardless of the industry, hiring top talent is paramount to your success. When hiring, this means understanding what applicants want and how your opportunity is the best choice for their goals and experience. When you’re ready to start recruiting, you’ll need to do your research. Your Financial Freedom Journey (  shares a few tips on how to find and keep the brightest minds on your team.

Cast a Wide Net

When recruiting, it’s almost always best to cast a wide net. While this doesn’t necessarily work for commercial positions, many people tend to be more than happy to relocate for a role that best suits their expertise. You can start your recruitment at job fairs, but your efforts don’t have to end in a single town. Remote positions can have applicants all over!

Social media is a valuable tool when trying to fill any type of position. Importantly, you not only have a global audience, but you can also reach passive candidates. As iCMIS points out, this means that your job posting has a chance to find its way in front of qualified candidates who are not currently looking for a job but that might be swayed for the right opportunity.

The Devil Is in the Details

As cliché as it may sound, when it comes to finding the right employee, the devil really is in the details. Your job description is a perfect example. If your description is vague, people may flip to the next open opportunity. Make a point to write your job description so that it has a clear title and summary as well as information about your organization and specifics on the role they are applying for. You also want to include information on benefits as well as a bit of insight into the working conditions and culture of the organization.

Benefits That Go Beyond

Once you have found the right avenue and started to attract attention, you will need to make sure that you have what it takes to keep the right employees. One idea here is to implement an onboarding program that provides support for new hires. This is one of the best ways to reduce employee turnover, particularly within the first three months.

Also, think about giving your employees the flexibility to work from home when needed. A hybrid work model has grown in popularity due to constraints brought on by the pandemic, and this type of flexibility may be here to stay. Make sure they have what they need to work efficiently, like a good modem, extra monitor, and the collaboration software used by your company. 

Something else you might consider is funding your staff’s personal research projects. At the very least, be willing to offer time off so that they can pursue their passions. Although the vast majority of your employees will already have an advanced degree, setting aside some money for additional training and opportunities is also a smart move that will show your staff that you are invested in them, not just what they can do for your company.

What About Former Employees?

The job market remains highly competitive, and that means it may be difficult to hold onto the best employees. But, should you always let good ones get away forever? Maybe not. There are many benefits of hiring former employees, including lower training costs – businesses spend around $91 billion each year on training alone, according to Edgepoint Learning – and the fact that they are already familiar with your company’s culture. Before you go after a former staffer, make sure that they left on good terms. You would not want to rehire somebody that was let go because of performance or attitude issues.

Hiring Great Candidates for Long-Term Success

Finding the right employees for your endeavor isn’t always going to be easy. However, when you bring in the right recruitment partners and cater your tactics to reach the most potential candidates where possible, you will find a perfect match. Like any relationship, it will take work to keep them, and you will almost always get out more than you put in when you treat your employees like they matter.

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