11 Tips How to Speak Better so People Listen from Great TED TalK

11 Ways to Become a Better Speaker

How to Speak so People Listen

Success Tips and Speech Patterns to Avoid
I Learned from a Great TED TalK

11 Tips for Successful Communication 

  1. Be Honest

  2. Be Authentic

  3. Be Accountable

  4. Be Kind

  5. Be Mindful

  6. Avoid Gossip

  7. Avoid Judging

  8. Avoid Negativity

  9. Avoid Complaining

  10. Avoid Excuses

  11. Avoid Lying

More Ideas I Learned from this Ted Talk  

Remember to HAIL others when communicating

By becoming more mindful and conscious of the way we speak, our communication is received better and we get more of what we want

6 patterns to avoid that cause people not to listen

By perfecting these speaking tools, people respond even better to your delivery 

Register, speaking from deep inside vs. nasally

Timbre, the way your voice feels, warm vs. cold

Prosody, singsong, monotone or questioning

Pace, speaking quickly or slowly

Pitch, high or low tone

Volume, really excited loud or soft attentive or broadcasting

Ninja Move: Warm Up Your Voice!

Wow, I had never thought of doing this before discussing something important. I think it out in my mind and get relaxed, though what an interesting concept of “warming up my instrument!”

Stand Up and Do Each Exercise 3x

  1. Arm Ups, Big Breath In and Sigh Out Deeply
  2. Lips “Baa Baa Baa”
  3. Motorboat sound, lip-vibrating “Brrr”
  4. Laa Laa Laa Laa
  5. Roll an R
  6. Siren “Weeeeeeoooooohhhhhhhhh”

It was fun to get warmed up and learn great tools!
Now go and speak dreams into reality 🙂

Here is the original Ted Talk by Julian Treasure that inspired this post

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