Infecting with Contagious Positivity

I love being conscious of and connected to how I feel! See the way we feel is directly tied to our thoughts and the results we get in life. I used to not feel good, even when accomplishing my goals. What good did it matter I didn’t feel good?! 

When I moved to Hawaii sight unseen to start 2015, people asked me why I moved. “I moved to Hawaii to be happy!” and it’s so true and people love that response. I moved to start a new chapter after selling my company of six years. However the feeling was what I was after. I wanted to feel happy and I openly admitted I didn’t know what made me feel certain ways. I “wanted” it tho could never quite feel the way I truly desired. 

I’ve mastered intention setting especially from all my personal development in PSI. So I set the intention for a feeling and headed to Hawaii. I was happy though the feeling was fleeting after I moved and began stressing to create new income. After 2 months of living in Oahu I realized I spent most of my time indoors working.  That was not making me feel happy! 

So I got clear again and put happiness first. By that point it was April 2015 in Honolulu and I took some big steps in the direction of happiness. I freed myself of a negative ex, got my new Airbnb running and followed my heart to Kauai on May 12. 

May 12 was the day I started putting ME first! I bloomed with happiness and felt alive!! On Kauai I experienced so many incredible things and the best was connecting with me. I ended up adventuring for 7 weeks and slept indoors only 1 night! It was amazing and all the time in nature definitely supported me in my pursuit of happiness. 

All my time on Kauai culminated in spending 10 days in the epic Kalalau Valley. Hiking back the 11 miles, I have never felt so powerful! I found my happy place (think Peter Pan). I captured that energy of love and happiness and cultivated it ever since. Now people exclaim over how happy I am and love being around my positive energy. I work a few days a week at the Olympic Cafe in Kapaa and love arriving to share my joy with everyone. I love infecting people with happiness! 


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