Journal Entry – What do I really want?

My discomfort at my current situation reigns. I strive for a feeling of abundance yet feel trapped in my everyday scarcity. Though instead of making moves in fear, I am calm and moving forward in what I truly want – this blog! 

My blog, my journey, my everything. I choose that this is my highest good. Everything else is a distraction and I know that. And I cringe elsewhere. I am going to trust me, delete more self-limiting beliefs and keep on blogging. I am positively changing the world through my words and actions. That is enough and it will deliver me my property. Is it so bad that I want my property more than anything and that’s my chief aim? Helping humanity or saving the planet is not my chief aim, living my own life in bliss is. And I want to wake up each day in my cozy bed right next the ocean on my very own acreage. 


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