Keeping Commitments

Day Two “Back On Track” was hard. 🙁

Exercise: I went to the dam again but didn’t give it my all. Though I did do a better job with the strengthening exercises at home.

Didn’t stay on track with new businesses because I chose to work on me. I’m loving the book Home Coming. I also spent quality time with my loves.

Kayla and I did homemade pedicures and brought some ice cream when we picked up Amanda. Amanda loved fixing dinner for us and made homemade tortilla chips! (I even had a nibble!) Jonathan is doing amazing in 2nd grade! I’m so grateful! He loves school and we’re having a … progressive… experience when it comes to homework! And we concluded the night in the hot tub! <3 I'm so grateful for the opportunity to be (one of) their mom and be apart of their lives. My financial freedom granting me the gift of time is for them. I just want to be their mom. I love it!!


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