Let the Real Financial Freedom Journey Begin!

Financial Freedom to use Robert Kiyosaki’s definition is to have your passive income exceed your expenses.

An important point here to note is that it’s your current lifestyle’s expenses. So that means financial freedom is not equal wealth. It equals time freedom. With your newfound time you can choose to develop wealth.

My financial freedom journey is just that. It’s mine. I’m customizing it to my likes and needs.

My goal is $5000 a month passive income by December 31st, 2014. It always has been. That’s my “get out of the rat race 1x” number. It not even the actual figure, just the one I have. I know!

I’m open to what the forms of passive income are. But I know which one I’m heading to first!

Here’s a cool thing…every day in September I have RECEIVED money unexpectedly. Completely.

Sept 1st – Referral Commission
Sept 2nd – Mailbox Money
Sept 3rd – Bonus Cashback

I am almost surprised but that’s the coolest part. I’m NOT surprised!! I am consciously [LOA] good and that’s exactly what I’m getting. I’m expecting exactly the feeling I ordered. Thank you, KT! “Christmas is tomorrow!”

I can hardly wait to write about all the lessons and manifestations I had this weekend. I’m too busy living in the present and feeling good I just can’t stop!! Yes, that’s exactly my problem. Feeling happy is so incredibly addicting I can pause it!! It’s been so repressed it’s now running wild!

So…I’m about ready to get down to this financial freedom business I’m just connecting with myself first. This whole past year has been the most transformational. I’m excited where it’s going and expecting the best!



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