Mama Duck’s Duckings

I really loved that analogy. Take action!! It’s impossible to keep ducklings in a straight line until Mama duck is moving! Take action and “your ducks fall into a row!”

Very interesting manifestations today. I am expecting to see them…so I am!

1. Biggest thing is a decided this weekend not to do that Orlando trip and not feel guilty or bad. Well…the entire seminar was cancelled today!

2. Carson called me (tho I need to call him back)

3. My LLC is completed the day that I graduate

4. My assistant was sick when I wanted to take the day off

5. An advertising company I’ve been with for 7-8 months calling TODAY and giving me a free upgrade

6. Having a fantastic conversation with a complete stranger and really listening using the 4 steps

This morning I went out and stood with my eyes closed in the sun again. It just feels so wonderful! Then I practiced my vision aloud and confidently in the wash. Feeling great, I raced down the horse trail to the park. I’ve seen an old, stone building that seems like a historic thing but today I felt compelled to go over. I knew what I wanted, what I had to do!

I climbed up and standing tall I practically shouted my vision statement, my intention, from the rooftop! That was incredible!!

I really spoke from the heart with passion. No more 4 year old! (Or maybe I am with her spirit igniting a spark!)

Feeling great after practicing three times, I climbed down and started for home. I waved good morning happily and the park’s groundskeeper. He was grumbling aloud about how trash gets put in every crevice as he was taking it up, when I greeted him. Honestly the greeting and beginning are kinda fuzzy, but Butch and I ended up chatting for about an hour!

I had a great conversation and really listened using the 4 steps. What an interesting man. 52 former business and computer guy who absolutely loves being outside and taking care of the park (a gardener). We talked about everything from Star Trek (my knowledge extent comes from “Big Bang Theory”) and homing pigeons to a determined homeless man living in the park who finally got his dream job as a truck driver and now lives in New York.

I’m connecting to myself and others now. It feels just right.

I babbled on and on about PSI on webinar today. I then took the clip and edited it into a 3 min video!

Exercised. Now to mental bank and catch some zzzzs!


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