Opportunities Everywhere

Today I was nominated for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. While prepping for it I got an idea to create a “I did it!” type t-shirt. So I ran with it! Don’t stop and over analyze, just dive in – and that’s exactly what I did!

I considered getting more professional looking shirt designed and looked on oDesk and Fiverr. I decided against for it for moment as I just wanted to launch it ASAP. I’ll see how it goes and then possibly create a fancier one.

Step 1: Designed shirt on Tee-Spring (super easy)

Step 2: Made ad image in PowerPoint

Step 3: Created several Facebook dark post ads

Step 4: Setup new tracking links in ClickMeter and copied into ad

Step 5: Launched campaign (goes live tomorrow AM!)

I’ll be monitoring the results and working on optimizing the campaigns over the next few days.

Woo hoo! Actual work done 🙂



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