Part 1: How I Achieved Financial Freedom Using The Law of Attraction In 2014

Out of the Rat Race in 2014!

In one year, because I said so!

I set the intention and have been open to how it comes in.

I am super excited to share in upcoming posts how I did it and what I am doing now. I hold myself accountable to myself and and finish this journey!

As I realized I am about to get out of the rat race and there’s an amazing light at the end of the tunnel, my thoughts really jumped around tonight with all these ideas. Just let it flow! “Let It Go!”


A stream of consciousness, unedited version first edition and I’m choosing to wait to read until later.

You know what’s crazy … it’s when realization truly hits. For me the epiphany truly hits when just now looked around and realized what I have created. I did it! I achieved it. This very moment I just realized I got it. My goal. I was doing it right all along! All along!


Every principle, every belief has a significance. That’s why I choose to believe in them. That’s also why there are so many different beliefs. As a person, I have the freedom to have choice and always have. It’s realizing I have it and then understanding how to consciously choose a belief. And know how to adopt a belief


all signfiiance is assigned by people. and there is no iherent sigificance is anything.


stop guarding out the material. enbrace it. rise to your highest in all arreas bc its a wonderful joyous expression. live with joy!! i’m excited!!! i’m excited!!! i’m excited!!! should be the motto of your life. love life. live it. really go for it!!!!

i think to myself:

how high can you stretch!! ??

do it right now. reach up.

Am I really doing it?

ok i am reaching up as high as i can right now

ok. now can i stretch even farther up

even give  little extra push


ok i am ready


i am stretching up as high i can right now if i really strain.

cool i put in some real effort in a little exercise right now


now what if i really wanted to reach high right now?

i could stand up. i could even jump up

climb something and jump off!

so wow. i could reach really crazy high if I wanted to

i sure could.

if i wanted to

i am choosing and that is stronger than a want

and to choose comes from nothingness


i chose financial freedom in 2014.

i said i want to be financially free in 2014 and choose to believe for me that was receiving over $5000 as passive income.

not work for money.

i missed something i choose to believe and therefore attract “not work.” the universe says ok however the universe is unable to comprehend a lack of so it only hears “work”. the universe exisits in absolutes. so if something just is than there is no lack. and if no lack exists than “what is, isn’t and what isn’t, is” so if the universe or universal consciousness operates from absolutes than when I think of the lack of something I do not like, I put out that thought or belief. And if I believe it, then I see it everywhere so my brain and more specifically subconscouness starts looking for it like I notice a red truck once I start thinking about it. and even more if I see the red truck in my mind then i reelly see them everywhere.


how awesome yet dangerous. becuse if I see what I don’t want, then I start seeing it in my experience.


omg. so anywhere I super excited to report I am going to be finanically free by dec 31, 2014. becuase I said so on january 1st 2014 and I said within the year. man I really like tight timings.


yes becuse i have adopted the belief i work best under tight timings because i am lazy. it’s time for a new belief that serves my goal.





I am statements

I am a smart, creative solution finder effortlessly and rapidly seeing abundance in every one of my spiritual, emotional, physical and financial goals NOW!


Talk about a powerful “I am” statement I am also living for 90 days. “I am a for-giving, important, desirable woman surrounding to love in my life NOW!!”


so simple. suffering is optional.

follow what makes me the happiest right now and live in joy. it’s the most amazing place to be in. and from there I bring the best version of myself to every situation.

i choose my belief based upon what truly brings me joy.


my vision. my dream house backing up upon a tropical hawaiian mountain. all my kids all have their own rooms and we have a lot of amazing family areas. out front is the ocean!! it’s amazing and faces the setting sun for the most amazing sunsets every night. i can picture it in detail. anything the mind can see and bring itself to beleive, it can acheive. what a new meaning this brings on!


i believed in the house. my house. for years. when i was young i knew it. i have strong beliefs. and yet it hasn’t always been the best beliefs to serve my goal.

my belief worked to bring an event or was a reaction once. however now I start to filter all of the new “red trucks” I start comparing that one incident everywhere. I assign sigficance to it and so it keep showing up.

really tired. amazing night. recognize your success!! look around for new results!

price. coaching or free with psi. same price as psi. do psi first then lyoness. ah ha. win win so no right or wrong. multiple.

it has to make sense to me and then I stop resistane. let me choose to recognize resistance and choose to immediately.


i got the most out of _____ when I did ______.


Definition: Robert Kiyosaki’s CashFlow game defines it when your passive income exceeds your expenses.

Goal: $5000 passive income & have

I achieed it and

I aquated financail freedom.   I will share exactly how I create my passive income and




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