Personal Discovery

I’ve taken the past few days to really be conscious about what is happening around me.

The most profound thing I found was how easy it is to lie to myself! And the lies are very subtle. It is lying when you make excuses or justifications to not have to change a behavior in order to maintain status quo. But I believe it!!

The simple one tonight was it’s ok to not re-start on the blogging and mental bank daily. Lies: 1. It’s not a big deal if I miss one more day 2. Just give myself a few more days…it should really start at the first of the month anyway

Those are valid points and I would normally have bought it. But I swore at PSI to keep agreements, especially with myself. And I made a commitment to blog and do the mental bank daily. And I’m going to keep that.

I’m now consciously aware of the fact I don’t like the feeling of being unaware to trust myself. So I’m changing that and one way is to keep agreements I make to myself! 🙂

It makes me feel good and the goal is feel better always.


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