Price for Achieving Financial Freedom

It’s been almost one year since I set off on my financial freedom journey. And what an incredible, life-changing year it has been!

I’d like to say my “financial” aspect of my life has vastly improved, but alas I’m in the same or actually poorer situation than I started. But what I’ve learned from all of this is it’s your mindset that determines your financial freedom!

I sure have been working on that mindset!! A whole year of personal development later has revealed my true self and now I’m working on expressing it!

Financial freedom is time freedom. It’s a gift I’ve never seen anyone in my life have except for retired people – and they had to work extremely hard for 40 years to earn it.

I want to own my time so I can fully enjoy life and share those experiences with my children.

As a self employed person I thought I owned my time – I didn’t have a boss and got to set my own hours. However as long as you have to “do” something in order for money to come in, you don’t really own your time. You are not free.

I’ve officially been in control of my time since January 2014. I stopped working in my business and gave up all income. It’s been a very challenging but enlightening 7 months.

Having no earned income has equaled this:
– I receive adoption assistance money for my children so at least I can take care of my kiddos
– I spent my savings on Rich Dad Education in the fall so there was no savings
– I eventually cashed out my entire Roth-IRA I had been self funding for years to keep me going
– Gave up a 4 bedroom house to move in with parents
– Borrowed money from parents

I am 100% committed to making my financial freedom journey take me to my goals. So why the heck does it take so long to see the money? Mindset!!

Sheesh! There have been so many beliefs to uncover that have been holding me back including:

– takes money to make money
– I can’t do this on my own
– I don’t know enough
– scarcity

A big one I’m working with right now (to reject): The only way to make money is to work hard for it

Beliefs will always surface, but remember just keep on always feeling better….


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