Somehow productivity always seems to a be a bit of a challenge for me. I honestly am not sure why that is but I definitely know some factors!

Shiny object syndrome!
I get really fired up for something and then another thing pops up that is good as well. I used to figure as long as it all gets done, why does it matter? Well it’s really hard to go back and finish all these projects and some never get done.

This weekend I chose to housesit for a friend so I could get a lot of work done. I made a to do list of everything I need and want to have completed by tomorrow at 3pm. The first thing I did was not start a new task until I’ve completed the one I’m working on! So far, so good! I can choose any task but have to complete it. It’s kind of a catch-22 because I usually jump around to keep my energy up!

Since I completed PSI basic I’m making the conscious decision to keep my agreements, especially with myself! That includes my work and I’ve really been focused on my productivity. Income generating tasks are on my mind, but I also can taking care of business! All the stuff I put off because I hate dealing with non-income generating tasks – like calling the IRS! (The Bio family is illegally claiming my kids as their dependents – ugh!)

Blogging is a daily commitment I’ve decided on as well as doing my mental bank and 4-hour body exercises. I accidentally fell asleep last night without doing my bank and exercises. I definitely felt disappointed that I didn’t keep those promises to myself. But I’m just looking at a chance to recommit instead of making excuses or not caring. Keeping moving forward!


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