Rains and Rainbows

I’m learning to appreciate and embrace the duality of life. Without the dark rain clouds, there’d be no rainbow. And the contrast in my picture wouldn’t be as stunning!


 The themes and symbols have always been there: light and dark, hot and cold, happy and sad, ying and yang, positive and negative. I’ve been focusing on postivity to create positive results in my life. I used to unconsciously (and consciously!) feel negative and continue to experience more negativity. Then I chose to change that. 

When I sought to feel positive I learned about, connected with and then practiced being positive. I’ve been so far on the positive side now and savoring every minute that I really don’t experience negativity. A big part of that is because of my attitude. I don’t perceive things as negative. I’ve adopted and now have proved to myself time and again that everything that comes into my experience is always positive for me. Truly knowing and expecting a positive end result always yields it. This allows me not to get too swayed when something initially appears negative.

I don’t want to create negativity in my life. Although by having contrasting positive and negative emotions, that allows me to experience pure joy and love and happiness.  I also use any negative feelings as a quick feedback for myself to stop and examine the cause. I don’t tolerate it so I’m very grateful to weed it out before it grows. 

I can only control how I feel now which determines my future experience. If it’s going to rain, I am unable to change that. Though if rain makes me feel negative then I’m sowing more upcoming experiences with negative feelings. And that negative futures isn’t limited to rain clouds! It can be anything entering into your experience you perceive as negative. Yikes!  

The great news is I can choose how I want to feel in all situations and reacts accordingly. I really don’t like rain. I associate rain with being cold and wet since I had a childhood near Seattle. To this day when I get rained on, I get grumpy. There’s no singing in the rain for me. Well now I live in a tropical climate and moved right in front of the wettest spot on Earth. Smart choice, Lauren! 

And this is my choice. I want to live in here in my wonderful house along the stream in the lush jungle hearing bullfrogs croaking right now. (Which only exists because it rains all the time!) I also want to be happy. My experience is rain makes me feel unhappy.  Can I have both? Oh yes, because I choose to be happy. It’s my choice now and I’m not autopilot. When the negative comes in, you jolt it. Alarm bells go off and be so grateful for this alert to switch to positive. Something awakens your inner self, the one that’s always in a pursuit of your happiness. So I guide it to feeling positive. My autopilot is programmed negative when it rains. I switch that consciously and choose better feelings when rain comes. Now I am looking for the positive. And I’ve I found a lot of reasons to be grateful for rain yesterday!




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