Results: Negative or Positive

Guess what! You can choose if your result is negative or positive because all significance is assigned by people. If I decided something is positive then I’m happy and if I view it as negative I’m not happy. In both cases, it was my decision. And if it’s it my decision do I have to feel negative if I don’t like the result? I only want to feel positive to attract more positive in my life. So I’ve learned how to switch positive when confronted with a result I deemed negative. 
This week I realized I have so much on my “must do” list that I haven’t even gotten to my “have to” and “need to”, let alone my “want to” tasks. How am I ever going to completed anything? The happy thing for me is I always have what I need before I realize I need it. (I love that I have that belief and definitely reinforce it!) In this case, I hired a Virtual Assistant last week before I realized how much I needed one. I budgeted time Thursday and part of Friday (if needed) to complete the updates on all my AirBnB listings. As I completed the work, I documented how to do it so I’m creating the training manual for my VA in the process. Love to multi-task! However by Friday night I had only completed about 20% of them. Woah! All this time invested and I’m stuck working in my business rather than working on my business. I was not happy about this and especially spending days on it! Now it’s Sunday night, I feel really negative when I look at my results: I only updated 50% of my listings.
 I spent all my valuable time and only halfway there! This result definitely made me feel negative. (And note “made me feel” so I’m being a victim.) I also know don’t want to stay with negative thoughts. So this is how I started to switched the negative thoughts into positive. I started thinking about what else I accomplished during the same times. I created a lot of other results in the same time frame. I’m apart of an accountability group and it’s been very helpful to me to track my progress in all areas. And tonight it comes in really handy. Since Thursday in addition to updating 50% of my listings, I wrote 50% of my VA Training Manual, had 3 meaningful phone conversations with friends/family, been on 2 dates, discovered a Hawaiian burial ground, watched a movie, picked up items for my new bunkhouse, attended Farmers Market, read a book, cooked healthy meals and did a bunch of other things. Just writing it makes me feel more accomplished and feel more positive!
Non loves watching Bob Proctor right now and I love having it on in the background. On those lectures it really sticks how I’m going in the exact direction I want. Positive! And there’s no doubt I’ll get there. Well it’s my doubt alone that determines if I won’t get there because “Certainty certainly brings certainty.” I definitely don’t want negative and the only way to ensure that is to focus only and what I do want which is positive. So in this case my results “feel negative” however because I want to create more positive results I can choose to “feel positive” by focusing on all that I did accomplish. And that list is pretty awesome! Another great lessons I realized this was such “task oriented” work. I am consumed by so many tasks in my business my focus needs to be shift that to my VA. There are so many ways I’m eager to work on my business! 
And that’s exactly how you “switch” which is to take negative energy and switch it positive. See it’s all the same energy. And all energy vibrates and moves and attracts. And as humans we continue that energy with our feelings and emotions. In this case I’ve been having wonderful, positive results in my business and personal life. Then Sunday night comes and I look at a goal and feel disappointed with only being halfway complete. The disappointment soon spiraled to more intense negative feelings and thoughts. Some included guilt (lack of time bc I had a great outing), fear (lack of money didn’t get to work on new biz), doubt (will I reach other goals) and this is a list I don’t want to keep brainstorming. 
If I didn’t or don’t stop this thinking and feeling, then that negative energy starts to attract negative results. When I switch how I feel then I can keep attracting more positive results. I am so grateful for the ability to “switch” how I feel. This is an ability I developed through an awareness I gained during PLD of the PSI classes. Like all abilities it’s a muscle I’ve developed and do a great job staying on course. I know this because I keep reaping positive results!




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