Running and Routines

It’s funny how as much as I think I hate routines, I feel so much better when I follow one!

A routine helps me make sure I get what I need accomplished, more productive and consequently allows me to feel better. Ah! That’s the goal, remember! Just work on always feel better.

Going for a run has become a part of my life for the past few months. I always hated running when I was in school and barely was a runner for a few weeks before 9th grade.

When I was going through a lot of relationship garbage in March I began running when my emotions were out of control. I raced out of the house and just ran until my feelings were more manageable. This went on for a few weeks.

Being outside and luckily living right next to some beautiful trails really felt good and I continued to make an effort to run in general. In May I decided to make a positive change in my appearance so I chose to run as a healthy lifestyle choice.

Every morning I went for a quick walk/jog before I got the kids ready for school and really liked that routine.

I love moving and embrace change. However it does throw a curve with routines and it can be quite challenging falling back in to a good routine or establishing new ones.

My morning running routine definitely suffered. I started running around the block in the evenings. I even run with my kids. Having my 4 and 7 year old start good exercise habits feels great!

But I really miss my morning walk/jogs out in nature. My “me” time. So now comes the challenge…establishing a new routine.

New Running Routine
I think consciously establishing a new routine is a great thing, but easier said than done! First you need to determine when the new routine will take place and then you have to commit to actually doing it.

I want to walk/jog in nature every morning. That feels the best for me!

Here’s the things to factor in:
1. I like 8 hours minimum of sleep
2. I don’t like going to bed early
3. I have to get up early to get the kids to school
4. My walk/jog will take about an hour
5. I want to walk/jog before I get ready

Ok! Let’s see….
Have to leave the house by 7:30am, kids up 7am, I have to get ready at 6:30am so that means I will have to leave for my walk/jog at 5:30am! Yuck!! And then go to bed by 9pm. Ugh!!

Ok…routine…I’m stuck!!

I tried to go to sleep at 9pm tonight, am I going to be successful? Hah! 🙁

Intention vs Mechanism
Let me use my awesome PSI basic skills here. Focus only on the intention and not the mechanism. Does that mean stop trying to plan how I can fit in a morning nature excursion? Haha, ok! I’ll give it a go!


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