Self Analysis

Apparently I can’t blog during during the day! My thoughts come at night and all I’m doing is over analyzing everything I want to write right now.

Well…I can’t really explain why but I have been really “unplugged” for a week or more. I haven’t checked emails, barely on Facebook and working has been pretty stagnant. Why? Not sure but I’ve spent my time being with my kids and reading and going through the exercises in Home Coming .

Since my intention is to always feel better, right now this makes me feel good. It’s the only thing I want to do. I would like to do this, that and another thing but I feel such negative resistance to so much currently.

My dilemma is whether to force myself to do something I don’t want to do or just keep doing what feels good. Isn’t that childish? Ah, but child-like qualities are what I’m trying to recapture and connect to in my book. Ugh! So wonder I’m stuck – I’m pretty confused while trying to sort through my own thoughts and emotions.

I’m the meantime…I am honoring my commitments to myself to blog & mental bank daily, go to the dam and exercise 4 days a week and maintain my good eating habits. Fulfilling those commitments definitely keeps me feeling better!


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