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I’m clearing out my life from all forms of spam!


My blog has all of sudden been bombarded with spam comments! 409 just in the past 2 days! Sheesh! I did a little Googling to find a few options. Akismet seems to be the best one and reviews said it’s $5 a month. Before I spend more money, I ended up installing “Stop Spam Comments” plugin so let’s hope I get results. I’d prefer not to add a captcha but I think I’d go that option before I pay for a service. Anyone else have problems with comment spam? If so, who do you combat it?


Real Life

I’m trying so hard to stay in a positive vibration and there are certain “triggers” in my personal and work life that immediately drag me down. I’m viewing those encounters as spam as well. I wish I could download a real life plugin to remove unwanted negativity!

A few weeks ago I had a face to face conversation with someone that I used to be around a lot but hadn’t seen and barely talked to in several months. I had always thought of them as a positive, happy person. However throughout our conversation and thinking about it since then, I realize what negative energy they are expressing. The negative energy in this case seems to me to be stemming from their financial worries. This person always seems so friendly and happy, I was very surprised at the energy I picked up on. Now I’m wondering if it’s always been there and now I’m just more attuned to it. If so – yikes – I’ve been surrounding myself with negative energy for years which means I was probably vibrating at the same negative energy as well! The Law of Attraction states that like attracts like. I’m so grateful I am uplifting my thoughts!


My manifestation begins tomorrow!! 🙂 Super, super excited and READY! My coaching webinar goes live! Here’s a happy video I just shot. Ok gtg finalize everything for the webinar!


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