Your financial freedom journey begins now

Aloha! I’m Lauren and the purpose of my Financial Freedom Journey is help you on your journey. I have found entrepreneurship and peace of mind practices to be the cornerstone of creating liberty in my life.

My mission is to teach others how to build businesses that last, create freedom (time, financial, and peace of mind), and do good in our world for generations.

Discover Financial Freedom resources to guide you and utilize for growth


1. Financial Freedom Guidance

Many people find my website because they’re looking for more information and match with one of my blog posts. I’ve compiled excellent resources and also designed helpful guides and cheat sheets to popular Financial Freedom exercises.

Click here for the “Inner Bank Guide” I made that teaches you how to apply the powerful “Mental Bank” exercise to reach goals faster and expand my wealth consciousness. I have personally used and love the lasting results of “Be Set Free Fast” for changing my negative self-talk and made an on-the-go version. Another example of a great resource is this post on Binaural Beats I compiled of concentration-enhancing background music. I now play binaural beats getting medical procedures to relieve severe anxiety.

The website is organized by topics so enjoy reading what interests you most. Make sure to connect with Lauren’s Financial Freedom Journey movement “Your FFJ” by clicking here to follow on Facebook.

2. Utilize the Tools

There are so many great resources on this website, now let’s put them into practice!

  • Need more money? Get your own business going and start making money online
  • Apply the universal law of compensation and give knowing you’ll gain even more in return
  • Practice a daily peace of mind routine and join one of our accountability groups for added support
  • Add some joy to your day – take a nature walk, buy yourself a treat or do an anonymous good deed
  • Delegate better to create more time freedom
  • Practice paying yourself first and watch how your finances transform
  • Check out the tools and guides to start applying ones that resonate with you the most

If you want things in your life to change, you have to start changing things in your life!

3. Grow your Freedom

This is the most exciting part! By applying what you’ve learned now you should start seeing new results in your life. We have lots of tools so you can always keep growing!

What’s the next step of your financial freedom journey? Are you ready to open that new business? Achieve greater peace of mind in your relationship? Buy the car you’ve always wanted and maintain your ideal body weight?

Your journey is always moving so keep the momentum going towards your dream life.

Each step you take towards your goals brings them that much closer to you!