Learning vs Information Gathering

It’s really shocking to realize how little we learn since we believe information gathering is actually learning.

I know my transformation is occurring. I can feel my thoughts expanding. My good friend shared this wonderful quote: “The mind, once expanded to the dimensions of larger ideas, never returns to its original size” by Oliver Wendell Holmes.

This quote actually made me feel more secure because I was worried that what if I hit a large roadblock in the future and want to give up. Could my whole mentality revert? This quote made me realize I am never going back to my mentality before. And since I’m never going back, that only leaves me two options. Stay still or move forward. As long as I take action then it’s impossible to stay still. And as long as my thoughts, ideas and actions are aligned with my goal then it becomes impossible to not achieve results I am seeking.

I’ve been watching Bob Proctor’s You Were Born Rich series. He explained the difference between learning and aquiring data. School really just teaches you do be an excellent information gatherer. In order to truly learn something Proctor explains, “You have become emotionally involved with it.” Take it to heart. How much of what we “learned” in school do you actually remember or use in your everyday life?

I got nearly straight A’s throughout middle and high school and graduated cum laude. So how come my daughter’s 6th grade math homework stumps me? I didn’t learn those math formulas, only collected the info and remembered long enough to pass a test on it. So what was the purpose of going through all that if I didn’t learn it? I think that’s why I never liked school. I figured out the system in 7th grade and then skated by. When GPA was factored in I quickly realized a 90% and 99% was still 4.0. So I put in just enough effort to get the 90% instead of do my best.

Well I am LEARNING all this money stuff for keeps!!! I am absorbing all the amazing information, taking it to heart (getting emotionally involved as Proctor says), and taking action on what I learn.



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