Today’s the Day!

You know how sometimes you can just feel it, you know it’s coming…you’re looking at the wave and can see it come crashing down. But this is not any wave. It’s a tidal wave.

I really like KT and I have heard his “Christmas is tomorrow!” gleefully singing in my head so many times. I get it. I really do. My belief is a 10 and my desire is a 10 – 100% is the formula. The “sweet spot” as he says.

Just recording my thoughts here tonight. I am about the streamline the focus of this exact domain to specifically document the passive income and actually apply the way in CashFlow. And share at meetings my progress. Go to a different one every night lol – but not me. Tom…Ray even …but Tim? Ken yes.

Share my story of actually getting out fast using system. Sell? Lol. REIs too. Boring!!!

Steve is gunna be a realy cool asset. Maybe take over webinars? Solo. Gil under STEVE!!!! Maybe? That’d be interesting

Anywoo…I like that word anywoo by the way. I don’t like being corrected but why? Hmm. Am I wrong for sticking up for it or is it wrong to discourage me several times when I say I like it bc it’s my thing bc it’s fun to say….?

Anywoo! I am rambling…don’t I always? I just need to get all
These thoughts out. Whew. 🙂

Oh wow!! Freaking full circle!

My title! Why did I pick it? Bc I’m going crazy and need to be admitted lol? Not a chance! Just I always need to figure it out before I can develop a strong belief. And if I don’t have a belief why would I have any desire?!

So today (as I’m sure) is the day! Lyoness is in the sweet spot and I’m running! I have my spark and I’m super excited to put it all in motion!

Everything I’ve been working on for a year has been a needed experience to get to this point. I have made mistakes I guess? I honestly 100% never thought of looking it any of this as anything but an exciting step in my journey.

My spark is here ablazing, the pieces are drifting and now this Momma Duck is moving! (My Nana loved ducks more than any other animal…) Anywoo when the duck moves it’s only the decisions with actions that move mountains…or the amazing video of the duck crossing the freeway with all her ducklings!!

Fighting sleep Today is just different.

– Two work weeks til PSI-7
– Wednesdays big evening meeting
– New joint ventures are about to get going
– 4 Hour Body and Kangen put into higher gear lost 3.7 Monday-Friday. Curious to see after awesome day yesterday!
– Personal MasterMinder

…and the biggest thing that makes today the day…(I asked) but my mom actually believes a small degree. Believes in me. She just had the realization she (I forgot if she said can/could/will)be getting a house in Port Townsend, WA.

Her belief and all of ours is stemmed from imagination then visualization then realization.

Speaking if visualization, I’m visualizing sleep! Night!


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