Unconscious beliefs

I’m ready for the manifestos to begin. It really hit me when I was thinking about all this…just define goal (set desire and learn how to actually achieve those), strong belief and then take action.

Social proof is a huge way we develop beliefs. Good example of social proof…tonight my dear friend shares that he practices a technique I had disregarded. Wow! I really stopped and THOUGHT about that reaction. I didn’t go on autopilot!! So I stopped my programing and really am conscious of my reactions.

So here’s how it goes:

At my seminar this weekend we learned some great techniques. I am “trying” too hard and having problems. So some of the exercises I wasn’t able to do well. I wasn’t frustrated persay but I basically told myself I didn’t need really use this technique. My way works – look at how much is coming together! Ah…what’s my teachability index? Oops.

So now what? Well how do I raise my teachability…increase willingness to learn and willingness to accept change!

Ok!! I want to manifest all my desires done in pure joy. So…if someone offers me a technique, shouldn’t I immediately jump on it and give it my all? Oops, my beliefs triggered, in this case, a dismissive response. No…I need to change it!

So anyway I didn’t know I had this dismissive response. I just “believed” I didn’t need to worry about mastering it. Unconscious incompetence

That’s programing. And now I am consciously aware of this. Wow! Conscious competence. I am consciously choosing to change my response. A response is the autopilot programming, our belief system. It protects us of course but it also doesn’t allow for an upgrade very easily.

How do you change your beliefs?

#1 – The first step is really understanding what beliefs are.

#2 – Consistently recognize them

#3 – Analyze the cause of the belief

#4 – Trust how you feel

#5 – Start feeling better and take inspired action.


Ah! Got to know what belief is causing the response that’s causing this feeling. If you’re feeling bad just change the belief! Your perspective. Once you do that, then the good feeling overtakes.

Pretty amazing. So that’s what I’m perfecting right now. Mastery and getting to the unconscious competence level of just feeling good. Then having a clear goal, a solid belief in its achievement and then taking inspired action.

So I now have a plan of action for my first goal on my path to manifesting my vision for my contribution to our world.




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