My Dream Life

Current Painting of My Dream House

My vision starts with the house. That damn dream house. I’ve seen it burned in my mind and that’s what I am pursuing. That house and the life it represents to me is ingrained in every action I take. That is my goal and I know living there means I have successfully shared my purpose with the world. I live as a financially free millionaire and have taught people worldwide to become financially free and they’re happy and living their dreams now, too!

“Happiness is an attitude. We either make ourselves miserable, or happy and strong. The amount of work is the same.” Francesca Reigler

Happiness is deeply intertwined with my house, that dream life. My vision of the outside of the house has been there since high school. My kids and I have talked about living there for years and even designed their rooms. I’ve learned to dream bigger and now I know it’s on an oceanfront property on a secluded beach on over 12 acres.  Over the years I’ve gotten clear it’s an organic, eco-friendly farm with wonderful workers. We have lots of animals and those include mini horses and sheep and goats and alpacas. A parrot or more…and doves in aviaries with finches and, oh the chickens! I’m so excited to wake up there every morning!

Dream building is so fun! Makayla and I have decided we’re making our chicken flock from stealing a chick from different spots all over the island. And haha, now possibly from all the islands. Ahh, I love chickens so much. And I’m so grateful Makayla shares the same love. I loved growing up visiting the chickens at my grandparent’s house most weekends. Wow, what if I had grown up living on that property fulltime! That’s the expansive peaceful living I’m looking to create in my upcoming future. I love being outdoors having adventures and excited to explore my own giant slice of paradise!

Mother-Daughter adventures after school last Monday

So why am I not sitting outdoors writing now rather than holed up in my room? Because I have refused to add an outdoor screen to my lanai. I have so many excuses to not do it. The biggest one is because I don’t want to make long-term plans living where I am. And I feel a lot of negative fear emotions about it – I should be living at my dream house by now.  I know how much I would enjoy working outside right now so what is the true price of giving up my happiness? I grump being indoors so my resistance to living here actually keeps prolonging it according to the Law of Attraction – eek, gotta change some feelings here!

How many other things am I resisting
and not allowing in that would bring me joy?

Blogging is one thing I’ve been resisting because I was scared. I love writing this post right now. It fulfills me and I also know that it brings value to others. Hmm, interesting as I’m writing it and saying what comes to mind I hear, “I like writing this. Do others like to read this or is it garbage? Garbage, that’s a harsh word, Miss Lauren.” It’s the self-talk and working with my internal dialog that has truly made the biggest difference in my life, both internally and externally.

My self-talk determines my dreams,
my thoughts lift me to success or drag me down to failure.

Success and failure, I’ve looked a lot that this past year. I felt like the hugest failure for not reaching my deadline. It truly became my “dead-line” and I was suffering immensely striving to reach my goal of being a financially free millionaire by my 30th birthday.

“I couldnt do enough, I wasn’t good enough, I hadn’t contributed enough to be deserving of being a millionaire…”
that was my self-talk so I got to be right about failing

Oh boy, I had the HUGEST chip about that date. See, it’s my goal date, the date I picked and worked and worked and worked for years. It was my financial freedom date I picked by in January 2014. It’s the reason for my blog, I set out with my goal and this exciting journey began. And now I am sitting here 4 years later and I did not reach my goal by August 14th, 2017.

So why on earth should you listen to me now?

Right now I’m thinking, “Obviously, I messed up. Look at my results. I did not follow the right path if I didn’t get my goal. I am a fool and others would be foolish to follow me.” Yet as I write those words I feel in my head, this other part of me saying, “Listen and acknowledge that part of you that says you’re a failure. And then choose what you want to believe and move forward right now because you are a success! I love you, Lauren. You know where you’re going and you’ve got this!”

I know what I have to share
with the world is extremely valuable

Everything I’ve been seeing since … since I can remember, all my visions show me I am there, living in my dream house as a happy, loving financially free millionaire. I reached my goal and I have positively changed the world in a monumental way. I connect the dots for people and put it all together. I teach people to become free. Everything works together and together we sweep the world of negatively and consciously apply dramatic and swift love across the globe. I am so so excited to experience that moment – oh man, am I savoring it!

Create World Peace One Mind at a Time

That’s the motto for the personal growth courses through PSI I’ve done. It is possible although people truly aren’t free yet. Most people still are not financially free to spend their time doing what they love, experiencing their true loving self and sharing their gifts. Teaching people how to be free from financial enslavement and combining it with self-love and personal empowerment is the way I plan to teach others and heal our world.

Jump for Joy – The Time is NOW!



Here are some resources if you’d like to know more about anything I talked about above. Some of these are my affiliate links – it’s a win-win and one of my passive income sources. If you want to learn how to get your own links, definitely read more where I show you how I do it step-by-step!

Take the Financial Freedom Journey Course

This is the culmination of my journey and a huge step in teaching other people how to achieve financial freedom and peace of mind

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How to Think Bigger

I recommend the classic book, The Magic of Thinking Big by David Schwartz to explain how to expand your dreams. Here’s a 4 minute summary of the ideas from it, the full audiobook and Amazon link

The Magic of Thinking Big – 4 Minute Summary
Explaining How to Think Bigger & Overcome Anxiety

The Magic of Thinking Big
Full Audiobook



Law of Attraction

The Secret is a great introduction to the Law of Attraction. I am a huge Bob Proctor fan and he’s featured a lot in the Secret and goes onto the Meta Secret.

Law of Attraction Summary
5 Minute Overview

Law of Attraction – Full Movie
Full Movie of The Secret


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