Weekly Recap

The week started off kinda bleh. I pretty much never have “bad days” and definitely love Mondays, but I wasn’t feeling very positive earlier in the week. I consciously recognized that and made every effort to change that…so my week improved!

There was one incident coming to mind that really bugged me. I have a BIG tendency to dwell and rehash the issue over and over again in my mind. Ugh!! Well I consciously chose to stop doing that which was quite frequent. Well it’s a start, I guess!!

Anyway I’m looking forward to a PRODUCTIVE week. I need my lil shark back (me!). I was very motivated and on my case right after I finished basic. Definitely not feeling it as strong and I need her!

I am very proud of the fact that I’m keeping my commitments! I have three daily activities I must complete (unless I fall asleep with a lil one then I must do it first thing in AM).

Three Daily Commitments
1. Blog
2. Mental Bank
3. 5 Minute Workout (from 4 Hour Body)

I only missed blogging one time in 14 days and haven’t missed the others! It takes 21 to form a new habit so I’m close. It’s definitely becoming easier as it’s becoming apart of nightly routine.

Here’s to a wonderful week of creating my future!



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