Weekly update

I had a great three-day weekend. Friday night was my monthly bird club meeting. Sunday I gave a private tour to some friends at Reptacular Ranch. I haven’t visited my business in a while since I’ve been focused on new projects. It was great slowing down and just hanging out with all the animals (we have about 500!). The turkeys were pretty funny and wouldn’t stop gobbling.

The kids and I had a great Martin Luther King Jr day! We went to the skateboard park and my oldest went horseback riding with her best friend. We ended the night with Chuck E Cheese with some friends and cousins.

Today I called about 30 sellers! I’m in charge of a new virtual market in the south. I didn’t find any hot leads there yet, but left a lot of messages. My northeast leads have been producing a few leads. I’m only doing pre-screening for that market and sending them onto the local investor. I found a few good potentials he wasn’t interested in. Now I’m itching to start analyzing the deals myself. So I decided to invest $100 a month into some advertising in a mid-west market. I already received 5 leads! One was a dud, another the seller isn’t motivated enough yet and left messages for the rest. I need money coming in ASAP so hopefully one of my leads somewhere will convert!!

On Thursday I’m headed down to the Rich Dad symposium in San Diego until Sunday. I can’t wait! I’m taking the Marketing Today class. The symposium will be a great place to network with like-minded people. I will definitely be posting about all the stuff I’m learning!

Tonight is one of my cash flow clubs and the only one that offers 202. I learn so much every time! I always come out of there ready to get into stock investing. But I can’t overwhelm myself so I have to hold off for now.

I hope everyone has a wonderful and productive week!



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