What is Freedom?

Freedom…something I long for more than anything. Yet have never been able to articulate very well I guess. The ability, the power to be, do and have anything I desire.

Freedom is the ability to create. To capture the imagination I am ingrained with. The ability to choose my life. To choose happiness.

My financial freedom journey has just turned into the next chapter. As of December 31st, 2015 I will be officially out of the rat race in a very unexpected way. Oh boy, it’s all about surrendering, isn’t it?

Freedom to me is not about escaping anything. Freedom is the ability to expand and consciously create what I want to experience in my life. Creation based from the purest form of love, never dwelling too long on it’s opposite.

The more aware of myself I am becoming, the freer I am. My relationship with myself is what’s allowing all the transformation! “I’m Excited!” x 3 it is!


The next stage of this journey takes place in Hawaii!




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