Work Day 1 of 2014


My little helper at the computer! Kids are still home until the 13th so I get to juggle kid time and work time – ahh! Nah, they’re pretty good at not interrupting when I’m in my office.

Pretty easy day. I had about 15 seller leads to call from Gil and Steve’s office. I had some followups as well as new ones. The majority were voice messages and the ones I talked to were realtors.

Before talking to realtors I felt more comfortable asking questions than I do with the homeowner (asking mortgage balance, etc). However now I realize it was just talking to a realtor on a specific property. Today the realtors were general just asking if they had any listings that would fit my investor’s criteria – rehab, nice house with equity or lease option potential. I started leaving that exact message on the realtor’s voice mail. I wonder if I’ll get any call backs – but if I do it should be a worthwhile lead.

Anyway whenever I’ve done phone calls I always get a few call backs right away. I didn’t get any so far – people must be on vacation still. Or else it’s just because I felt the majority of this batch of leads were all for realtors, not the homeowner.

Speaking of call backs, I had 2 voice messages and about 5 missed calls from one of my first leads I called! He wanted to know if we’ll make an offer. It’s a homeowner in Washington state. His house has been listed for 120 days and he already moved. A perfect motivated seller! Yeah!! Anyway I let Steve know and he said they’ll call him today. Hopefully it goes through!! I can’t wait to be apart of my first deal!!

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