Your Journey to Financial Freedom

Join Lauren “Ren” as she guides you on your path to Financial Freedom.
By visiting this page, you’ve taken your first step towards creating wealth and fulfillment in your life.
Read on for valuable resources and join Ren’s community of freedom-seeking individuals and entrepreneurs.


Lauren's guide to financial freedom


You will gain from this website:


Online Business Sense

Practical Tools and Templates

Entrepreneur Smarts


Learn How You Can…

Make Money Online

Work from Home

Passive Income



Personalized Feedback

Cutting Edge Resources

Ongoing Collaboration


Lauren and her family at home in Kauai

I began this journey because I wanted to teach others how to build businesses that last.
My goal is to show you how to create financial freedom, time freedom, and gain peace of mind in your life.


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Financial freedom exercise.
Lauren’s photo of a rainbow in Kauai 

Financial Freedom represents the end of the rainbow for so many people.

Financial freedom guide.