Phase 1 – Module 3

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Financial Freedom Course

Module 3 Outline

Section 1 – Happiness

  • Peace of Mind
  • Peace of Mind Square
  • Tone Scale

Section 2 – Science of Mind

  • Picture of the Mind
  • Subconscious
  • To Think is To Create

Section 3 – Subconscious Mind

  • How Conditioning Works
  • Developing Awareness
  • Reprogramming

Section 4 – Self Awareness

  • Self Talk
  • Self Image
  • Self Beliefs

Section 5 – Manifesting

  • How to Manifest Your Desires
  • Screen of the Mind
  • Workshop of the Mind

Section 6 – Mental Practices

  • BSFF
  • PSI

Happiness Section One



Areas of Peace of Mind

World Peace One Mind at a Time Health Wealth Love Happiness

Peace of Mind Square

How To


Science of Mind Section Two

Parts of the Mind

Picture of Mind

How the Mind Works

Subconscious Programing Section Three

Parts of Self Section Four

Self Talk

Inner Voice Affirmations

Self Image

Self Beliefs

8 Limiting Beliefs

 Self Confidence / Formula

Relationship with Word

Manifesting: To Think is To Create Section Five

#1 Goal: Feel Good Now

    • feel as good as you can right now and keep feeling better
    • You want to always feel good
    • Different Feelings each Moment
    • content
    • love
    • appreciated
Method to Reach Goal Options Specific General Feeling Good

Practices Section Six

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