Notes from the $15k formula from Empower Network

The $15k formula is a product Empower Network sells for $1000 that gives you a set “formula” or roadmap for growing your internet or affliate business to $15,000 a month in 90 days.

Here are some quotes, notes and thoughts I had from watching the video:

“You cannot steer a ship that’s not moving. People need to take action before you know how to do it. The people who want to master it before the start will always fail!”
Great point! The video really emphasizes just diving it and taking action – the people who want to learn all of it before beginning will not do well. See, how can you master something before you’ve ever tried it?! Just learn and perfect what you’re doing along the way.

“Successful people have faith they will accomplish regardless whether they know how or not.”

“You have to be crystal clear on your vision. Everybody who is not crystal clear fails.”

We had to set a goal of what we want to acheive and the reason for it. Mine is:
Goal is $20,000 a month in 90 days

Why do I want that goal? It will supercharge my financial freedom journey! I can blow up my marketing budget for real estate and start doing deals, pay off education debts and invest in my other businesses.

Here’s goals they reccomend we adhere to:
1. Blog daily and always set your goal/purpose/outcome for each blog post
2. Reinvest 20% of your profits back into ads
3. Do something LIVE every single week! Google hangout, webinar, etc.
4. Listen to an expert daily
5. Apply everything you learn immediately

They said:
1 sale of $25 a day over 90 days will create $15,000 a month as some of those people will continue to upgrade.
5-10 sales of $25 a day can generate $100,000 a month


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