Applying the Circle of Profit Book by Anik Singal

How to Create the Circle of Profit

On the front of the book it says “How to Turn Your Passion Into $1 Million” After reading this book I thought even bigger, “Wow! How to Turn MYSELF into a Millions of Dollars just by sharing myself on my blog!” I CLEARLY SEE IT! I took this as confirmation of my affirmation, “I am receiving millions of dollars by being me!” Yippee! And I’m so excited for everyone to create their financial freedom too!

I really am glad that I read the book The Circle of Profit by Anik Singal. I saw Les Brown promoting it on a Facebook video last year and immediately bought it. Turns out two of my personal favorite mentors Robert Kiyosaki and Bob Proctor are both on the cover endorsing it for its business model and skillset. Anik explains the internet marketing system really well and exactly how to do it. I understood it well from my internet marketing background a few years ago. He includes helpful walkthough videos with each section (a few need updating as websites gets upgraded). His teaching is excellent and Anik is generated over $100 million dollars in sales for digital information products.

The book shared step-by-step how to create your own product. I really saw how that is the key to a whomping lot of passive income! I was hooked! This tied into everything I wanted though what was my passion product? I paused the book knowing it held an amazing blueprint for me to follow when I was ready to create my product. I just needed to figure out what it was. And then recently the Circle of Profit started calling me again. Do you ever have books do that?

I had an huge “Aha!” when realized I could turn My Blog into My Passion Product!  My financial freedom journey started towards money and becoming a financially free millionaire by 30. I discovered that goal was empty without Peace of Mind and I was looking for a way to bring together all these parts.  Using Anik’s Book plus my entrepreneur skill set I knew I could do this for my own blog and teach others to do the same.

Creating our own Circle of Profit Websites!
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How We Setup our Websites



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