Blog success begins!

I spent most of Saturday, December 21 working on organizing my pages, copying in and spell checking my content and adding all the entries from my personal “night storm” blog  to this public one.

Well I got emailed today I have a follower. How cool! But…just now at 10:45pm on Monday, December 23rd I read an email that said I got reblogged!! How huge is that?! Merry Christmas to me!! Best gift I could’ve gotten!! Now 162 people will read my “Middle Class Part 1” blog post. I feel kinda OMG that was one of my personal epiphanies is put out there. OMG. What if my blog goes viral? No wait. That is the point! And then I’m gunna get buzz from entering the Rich Dad HALL OF FAME. Wait. I wonder how young the youngest is. What if it’s me? Nah… There was to be some young guy – picturing one of those guys in my free Rich Dad workshop. But I think I was the youngest solo girl Elite? Hmm….

Anyways I got reblogged!! For free! I wrote from my head and someone came across my thoughts and thought my content was worthwhile enough to share it. Eeek!! It’s happening!! My blog is going to help people and I am going to complete my journey to financial freedom. Yeah!!

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