Bob Proctor’s “You Were Born Rich” – Part 1

I discovered Bob Proctor’s series “You Were Born Rich” from my mentor. I was going to say “accidentally” but after going through his videos, I realize this was no accident at all! I am expecting success on my financial freedom journey so Bob Proctor is one of the teachers I’ve attracted to myself. the left is a basic diagram of how Bob Proctor explains our mind is divided. Whatever is in our consciousness will go into our subconsciousness which manifests in your body and in our life as results or circumstances.

Ideas, suggestions, desires, etc. (both negative and positive) enter your consciousness and anything that you concentrate on primarily in your consciousness will become fixed in your subconscious. Once you realize how the mind works, then you can begin to decide what thoughts you want to have manifested in your life. You can choose and filter what stays in your conscience mind. Your subconsciousness cannot reject anything as there’s no reasoning faculty within it. Are you concentrating on what you don’t want more than what you want? Many people do. The Secret by Rhonda Byrne really emphasizes that the universe doesn’t hear the “don’t want” part of what your focusing on – “I don’t want to be poor” means your concentrating on poor thoughts and attracting more situations that will keep you poor. Instead focus on “I have more than enough” and those situations will then become apparent in your life. 

The law of attraction (or power of the universe ) is continually aligning circumstances with whatever is predominate in your subconsciousness. Changing your results is just a matter of changing what your focused on! This diagram along with the explanation of how results are determined has completely transformed my thinking.

The series has also opened my mind to a more spiritual aspect of the universe. Science and theology are really studying the same power but put different names on it. (I definitely identify with the scientists.)

This is the “You Were Born Rich” series I watched. Completely a mindset switcher and so grateful I watched it.

Watch the first part of this series for free right now!

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