CashFlow game 202

Wow, did I get some insight last night!

I played CashFlow 202 for the first time at the Burbank CashFlow club. I’ve played 202 online, this is completely different.

202 primarily deals with stocks – put and call options along with shorts. I was pretty lost at the beginning of the game but got a pretty good handle of it by the end.

The biggest lesson I learned was absolutely invaluable and SOO grateful that I learned it in a game and NOT real life! I had close to $100,000 and decided to draw a “big deal” card which was an apartment complex. It was $100,000 downpayment and was $4500 a month cash flow – I would be out of the rat race with one deal. Someone even offered to JV with me but I wanted to do the deal myself so I could be out. I borrowed a few thousand to do the deal. Well, the very next card I drew was an earthquake that wiped out my asset with the highest cash flow AND prevented me from selling it until the second buyer card came up. So I invested all my money into one asset and lost all of it’s value in a split second. The “ah ha” moment: Don’t put 100% of your cash into one deal! The strategy this 202 group plays with was building up one million dollars (massive capital) and then buying cash flow (passive income)¬†assets.

Massive to passive!


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