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Aloha! I’m Lauren and eager to share with you why I love Cashback World and how to benefit your entire community!

Cashback World is customer rewards program established in 2003 and accepted by nearly 100,000 merchants and used by over 10,000,000 users worldwide.

As Cashback World members we are rewarded for being loyal to merchants within our shopping network. The loyalty benefit is built in to pay both the shopping and the loyalty merchant or person who enrolled them into Cashback World.

For over a decade, businesses in Europe have been using this ingenious system, successfully boosting their local economy and expanded to over 45 countries worldwide.

Now huge sports teams use this as their loyalty program for their fans both at games and for online shopping. Giving their fans loyalty benefits encourages their customers to spend more and then get paid when their fans shop with any other merchant in the system.

In the United States in 2018, major grocery store chains, gas stations including Shell, Arco, and Exxon, Office Depot, Home Depot, eBay, hundreds of online shops and local small businesses and restaurants are already paying Cashback World members for their loyalty each time they make a purchase.

The great thing is the same loyalty card works everywhere, similar to a convenient Visa or Mastercard that’s accepted worldwide as well. And it’s

Get paid to shop each time with Cashback merchants and get paid for all your referrals, too!

Current cashback members are eager to get paid to shop locally and enroll more small businesses in their communities. Business owners of restaurants, dentists, dry cleaners, print shop, consulting, dog groomer can all benefit!

Cashback World is consolidating loyalty rewards programs for each merchant large and small, in-store and online.

Merchants offering Cashback World benefits gain loyal new customers plus get paid when their customers shop with other merchants!

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Informative Videos

Cashback World Member Benefits

1-Minute Introduction Video

5-Minute Overview Video

This video showcases European merchants and this same loyalty card works in 46 different countries so far including the United States.

Cashback World App

1-minute video show how to find merchants

Cashback World Merchant Benefits

3-Minute Introduction Video

Overview of loyalty merchant benefits and how businesses can enroll their customers and get paid, too.

How Customers Register for Cashback World

40-second Walkthrough Video

Get Paid to Build Your Shopping Network

Lyconet Introduction Video

Cashback World pays you to refer new members and merchants.

Get paid 1/2% every time your members shop using their loyalty card!


How to Shop Online and Get Paid

Cashback World Tutorial Video

Cashback World pays you to shop with their merchants.

Get paid up to 5% every time you shop using your loyalty card!

Cashback World pays you to refer new members and merchants.

Get paid 1/2% of every sale each time your members shop using their loyalty card! Wow!

Learn more and work with Lauren to build your own community shopping network.

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