Cut The Cord On High Pregnancy Prep Prices

financial freedom journey cut high pregnancy prices cost
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Cut The Cord On High Pregnancy Prep Prices

Babies come with lots of expenses starting well before they make their in-person debut. By some estimates, a baby born today will cost their parents more than $233,000 over the next 18 years, and many child-rearing expenses are incurred before their first birthday. This encompasses everything from the cost of delivery to diapers, wipes, and childcare. Fortunately, there are lots of ways to save; Lauren’s Financial Freedom Journey presents a few!

Oh, the supplies!

Having a baby means that you’ll shop, and shop often. At some point, you’re going to have to spend money on maternity clothing. While buying used is a smart way to save money, it might be in your best interest to buy new if you want to ensure you have the latest styles. Look to bigger retailers for a broad, fashionable selection, and for stretching your dollars furthest.

Dig Deep with a Target Discount 

Target is a great retailer for maternity wear. Shopping in-store and online means you can snag both professional and casual pieces that will keep you comfortable before – and after – delivery. Before shopping Target online, look for deep discounts and cashback offers.

Baby Basics and Breastfeeding

Babies have a variety of essentials, and they are also a significant expense. If you plan to breastfeed, Breastfeeding Magazine says you’ll save up to $400 per month feeding your little one.  

Bottoms Up

Short of going the wash-and-wear route, you’ll have to foot the bill for baby bottom coverings. Since your friends will want to throw a shower, make sure to add diapers to your registry. Keep in mind, however, that you are unlikely to use newborn size for more than a week or so (if at all), so ask for sizes 1 and 2. Your significant other could also have a diaper party to introduce themselves as a parent. 

Wardrobe Musts and Extras

Included in your supplies list should be lots of blankets, burp cloths, pull-over onesies, and a basic wardrobe. While it’s nice to think of all the cute buttons and bows you’ll dress your little one in, the truth is that he or she will wear practical clothing most of the time. Stick with baby-centric brands like Gerber, Carters, Osh Gosh, and Gymboree; these brands are made for daily wear and won’t cost anywhere near as much as boutique-style clothing.  

financial freedom journey cut high pregnancy prices cost
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Cutting Costs on Delivery

One area many new parents fail to consider as part of the money-saving strategy is the hospital. Ideally, your insurance will pick up most of the tab. But you’ll still probably be out of pocket at least some money. Talk to your OB/GYN to see if they are affiliated with more than one hospital. Even if they are not, you can still price compare and choose to deliver at a different labor and delivery unit. Magnify Money notes some hospitals even offer a discount if you can pay your entire coinsurance before you leave, so make sure to ask about this as well.

Everyday Essentials

Your everyday household expenses are also up for negotiations. Your car insurance is a great example. If you haven’t reviewed your coverage in a while, it’s best to do that before the bun comes out of the proverbial oven. Also consider cutting the cord on cable costs, which can net you hundreds of dollars in additional pre-and post-baby savings. For entertainment, you can always stream your favorite shows from services like Netflix or Hulu, or even pick up a book from your public library now and then. 

You have to spend money on your baby. That doesn’t change just because you don’t have a ton to spare. Thankfully, there are ways to stretch your budget to comfortably fit your expanding family! 

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