Deliberate Creation

It’s been a really insightful time the past few weeks. I’ve been making some big moves toward my goals. First I dream build what I want and really why I want it. Then I strengthen that belief by doing things toward my goal since I KNOW I’m going to receive it. (It’s quite interesting actually writing this out.)

Why do I get everything I go after? I always have. It’s my belief that I always get what I want. However that self-belief previously gave me a negative feeling. I get everything I want so “How selfish I was, shouldn’t I put others before me, what would so and so think” were predominant thoughts in my mind. I so I would get what I wanted and feel rotten. I almost wished I didn’t get what I wanted. Nothing I accomplished truly fulfilled some part of myself I couldn’t even identy. 

And then it happened. I became aware of two important things.

I can control my feelings. I can control my thoughts. 

The biggest imphasis is on the “ability to control” that energy. That is what consciousness is and with that comes the power of the human being. The consciousness is energy and all energy is something. When a human focuses the energy of their mind on something, that energy literally controls the environment and their entire experience will change. Now the key factor is if the energy positive or negative. Positive thoughts are things and will create a positive ripple and negative thoughts create more negative. Like unto like. 

I choose to think positive thoughts and have positive emotions and this creates a positive experience which can only yield positive results. I’ve spent 2 years agos discovering this knowledge and then experiencing it in my life. Knowledge with experience results in understanding. Now that I understand these laws better I use them to get the results I choose. I choose my thoughts, how I feel and then I get positive results in my life. 


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