Did I reach my goal? 90 Day Outcome – March 1st, 2014

“Set a goal and pursue it passionately through everything you do. Your immeasurable future results can far exceed any expectation known in your present!” – Lauren Cheney


My Goal

In December I wrote, “Today is Saturday, March 1st, 2014 at 10am. I am logging into my online banking at the computer in the living room to check my account balance. I smile to myself as I see that my personal checking account has $10,000 in savings and over $10,000 available. A chill rushes through my entire body when it finally sinks in that I can and will make my goal of financial freedom. I found the path! I hear the kids playing and I call them over to me. “Hey guys, guess what?” I call out. They come rushing over and I feel Amanda and Jonathan’s hands on my shoulder while Kayla crawls onto my lap. “We’re going to Disneyland today and tomorrow and spending the night down there!” The kids start running around screeching while I just close my eyes and realize that I am going to be different. I will succeed on the journey and this is just my first milestone.”

I was having a VERY hard time with this deadline approaching the past few weeks when I had not earned even $1 from everything I’m working on! (Read this post about my struggles with the deadline.) Do I have any doubt I will have that magical day when I have over $20,000 in my bank account? Nope! I am reaching that goal and that’s
Pinterest – Storm at Disneyland

only the beginning. My checking account balance today is $63.08 and my second personal account was closed a few weeks ago because it was overdrawn too long.

But everything happens for a reason. Today my goal was to have that money and tell my kids we were going to Disneyland and spending the night down there at the resort. Well, today on March 1st, 2014 in Los Angeles it is POURING rain! POURING!! The worst rain we’ve had in a year! There were flash floods all over yesterday and the rain continues today. This would be a miserable day to be a Disneyland. I’m so glad we’re not there today!

What did my 90 day outcome teach me?

I still have not earned even $1 from everything I am learning. However the money side doesn’t have the slightest effect on me anymore. Is that bad? I don’t know but right now I don’t think so. However by having my goal and believing I could achieve earning $20,000 in 90 days, I was taught me the priceless lesson to believe!! I feel such a sense of knowing I will have that money, already mentally spending it and honestly not giving a darn about it. I’ve chosen instead to focus on my true purpose – to show others financial freedom exists, inspire them to want it and finally to offer them to follow my journey to they can reach it as well! The money will follow.

Now I am READY to take massive, constant action!! My 6 year old son complained as I was on my way out to my CashFlow club this week, “Mommy, I wish you were a regular mommy so you would stay home with me at night!” I replied, “Regular mommies don’t make a lot of money. I’m not going to be a regular mommy anymore, honey, so I have to leave to go learn.” It really stung but it made my “why” ever so much stronger. I must change my life, my children’s lives and their children’s lives! This is not going to be easy in the least bit but I’m going to get through it and make it to the top to change our future permanently! I am now fully committing myself to everything. During the past 90 days I have been absorbing all that vast information I had no clue of and that takes awhile to really learn something (see the post where I wrote about the difference between learning and information gathering.). I’m now ready to implement everything now that I have a good grasp on things.

In the past 90 days here are just some of things I’ve learned/done:

  • The power of the blog and started one! I received 32 unique comments on my blog just yesterday and today of positive feedback. Wow!
  • I’ve gotten over my fear of talking to home sellers – talked to about 75-100 people so far!
  • Started a time management course
  • Manifested a weekly personal success coach Chris Harris and the results are mind-blowing!
  • Working on being mentally present with my kids everyday
  • Attended the Rich Dad Education symposium for invaluable networking & learning opportunities
  • Connected with Gil, Steve and their team
  • Manifested a weekly real estate success coach
  • Given up TV
  • Connected with amazing, inspiring people
  • Shared my financial freedom journey with hundreds of people
  • Recorded my first videos
  • Given up my personal Facebook (started my new one)
  • Started making decisions for myself instead of seeking other’s approval
  • Embraced social media and started utitilizing it
  • Getting told I’m “motivational,” “inspiring” and “smart” over and over again – what a new thing!
  • Waking up early excited to get to work
  • Joined Big Idea Mastermind and realizing only in the past few days I’ve found the peer group I’ve always been looking for
  • Began reading personal development material again everyday
  • Let go of relationships that weren’t beneficial for me – this was really hard and still saddens me
  • Developing my confidence
  • Listening to audio daily – new one for me
  • Introduced to powerful personal development teachers like Bob Proctor and Abraham-Hicks
  • Wrote my first book On The Cusp of Success
  • Realized the potential of Lyoness and working to grow it
  • Harnessed the Law of Attraction to attend a phenomenal $997 seminar for FREE!
  • Gain valuable information at a marketing seminar
  • And the most important thing…I’m aligning with my true self more and more every day!!!

I gained SO much more in 90 days than having the $20,000 today. This has been the best and most transformational 90 days in my entire life and I cannot even imagine what the next 90 days will bring!!! I wouldn’t trade these results for $20,000, ever!


“Set a goal and pursue it passionately through everything you do. Your immeasurable future results can far exceed any expectation known in your present!” – Lauren Cheney


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